Play Card FAQs

Where can I buy the Play Card?

The Play Card can be purchased online at Local Play cards purchased online will be mailed to you, but you can begin booking and playing discounted golf immediately with your receipt beginning December 26, 2017. Receipts are accepted for ten (10) days to allow time for your physical card to arrive.

Is there any benefit to purchasing the Play Card at a club versus online?

Purchasing your Play Card through GolfNow is a convenient way to start your membership and begin booking immediately. Play Cards are the same price whether purchased online or at a participating golf course, and there are no additional incentives or restrictions between the two methods of purchase.

Do I need to be a resident to purchase the Play Card in a specific market?

No, you do not need to be a resident to purchase the card. Anyone can buy and begin using a Play Card in one market or multiple markets.

How do I book tee times with my Play Card?

Play Card holders can book their tee times online directly through GolfNow when logged into your GolfNow account. The discount will automatically be applied when signed into your GolfNow account linked to your Play Card. You can also call 800-251-5451 to book a tee time at any course.

How far in advance can I make a tee time?

Play Card holders can book tee times up to five (5) days in advance, depending on individual course inventory and availability. You are not required to book tee times that far in advance, but you are able to plan your round ahead of time if desired.

How long is my Play Card valid?

Your Play Card is valid January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018. During that year, the cardholder receives a 25% discount on all tee times, excluding Hot Deals tee times, at participating clubs.

Am I required to show a photo ID with my Play Card at the golf course?

In order to ensure that the cardholder is the person receiving the benefits of the Play Card, you will be required to show your photo ID at the course whether you book online or over the phone. Play Cards may not be shared or loaned to non-members. Membership will be forfeited and card will be confiscated if used by someone other than the designated cardholder.

Are there discounted rates available for guests of Play Card holders?

No, Play Card rates do not extend to guests. Available rates and discounts are valid for Play Card holders only.

Can I use one Play Card to book for a group of two or more golfers?

Yes, you can use your Play Card when booking a group of two our more golfers, however, at check-in at the course, each golfer would need to show his or her Play Card to receive the Play Card discount. Play Cards are only valid for one golfer. Therefore, if you have a foursome, each player would need to have a Play Card and present that card at the time of check-in to receive the Play Card rate. Similarly, if you have a foursome and only two players have Play Cards, the two cardholders will be charged the discounted rate and the other players will be charged the regular posted golf course rate.

I will be moving out of the area/suffered an injury/etc. Can I get a refund for the unused duration of my Play Card?

Play Card memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may cancel your membership within the first 30 days after purchase if the membership benefits have not been used at that point. (No tee times booked or played prior to cancellation.)